About us

Welcome to Arneli Art Gallery, a dynamic platform dedicated to showcasing the undiscovered artistic talents of emerging Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists. Founded by the visionary artist Dzovig Arnelian, Arneli Art Gallery serves as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange in the heart of the art world.

Our gallery has adopted and nurtured countless artists, providing them with the support and exposure they need to thrive in the competitive art scene. Through a series of physical and virtual exhibitions, both locally in Lebanon and internationally, we have created opportunities for these talented individuals to share their work with audiences far and wide.

At Arneli Art Gallery, our aim is simple yet profound: to open doors for extremely gifted artists to be explored and appreciated by art collectors and institutions worldwide. We believe in the transformative power of artistic expression and strive to connect these artists with individuals and organizations who share our genuine admiration for their work.

Led by Dzovig Arnelian's unwavering passion for art and her belief in the potential of emerging talent, Arneli Art Gallery has become a hub for creativity and innovation. Our slogan, "Dare to Dream," encapsulates our ethos of encouraging artists to break free from convention, embrace their unique voices, and dare to dream beyond societal boundaries.

Through carefully curated exhibitions, events, and partnerships, we celebrate the rich diversity and cultural heritage of the Middle East, showcasing the works of emerging Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists to audiences around the globe. We believe that by amplifying their voices and sharing their stories, we can foster greater understanding, appreciation, and dialogue across cultures.

Arneli Art Gallery is more than just a gallery; it's a community—a community of artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and dreamers who share a passion for creativity and a belief in the transformative power of art. Together, we dare to dream of a world where artistic expression knows no bounds, where Middle Eastern artists are celebrated on the global stage, and where art serves as a bridge that connects us all.

Join us at Arneli Art Gallery as we continue our inspiring journey of discovery, innovation, and artistic excellence. Dare to dream with us, and together, let's shape a brighter future through the power of art.

Meet the Founder of Arneli Art Gallery, Dzovig Arnelian:


At Arneli Art Gallery, our mission is to showcase the rich diversity and talent of emerging Middle Eastern artists, providing them with a platform to share their unique perspectives with the world. We are dedicated to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and empowering artists to dare to dream beyond societal boundaries. Through our exhibitions, events, and partnerships, we aim to promote cultural exchange, spark dialogue, and celebrate the vibrant artistry of the Middle East.


Our vision at Arneli Art Gallery is to be a catalyst for positive change in the global art community by championing the voices and visions of emerging Middle Eastern artists. We envision a future where creativity knows no borders, where artists from the Middle East are recognized for their contributions to the global artistic landscape, and where diverse cultural narratives are valued and celebrated. By daring to dream and embracing the power of art to inspire, provoke, and unite, we strive to cultivate a world where artistic expression flourishes and bridges are built across cultures.


Meet the people behind Arneli Art Gallery's success!


 Manar Ali Hassan, Gallery Curator/Multidisciplinary Artist                                               


Maribelle Saad, Administrative Gallery Assistant/Artist            


 Ziad Jreige, Gallery writer/partner poet