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In 2020, in the context of the pandemic of covid 19, the process of selling and buying art has become immensely virtual. During this terrible year that Lebanon faced, notably after the explosion of August 4, a female artist and gallerist, Dzovig Arnelian, who was pursuing her Master’s degree in Plastic Arts has launched an innovative online platform titled “Arneli Art Gallery” in order to promote emerging Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists.
The aim of Arneli Art gallery is to open a door to extremely gifted artists to be explored by art collectors and art institutions, from all over the Globe. What makes this gallery a pioneer is that it does not only help promote thought provoking artworks but, also guides fresh graduates in becoming living artists.

After several successful exhibitions in Beit Misk and Zico house (Lebanon), and collaborations with Bloom Gallery (Spain) and JAALA organization (Japan) in 2021-22, Arneli Art Gallery is launching a new exhibition on April 28, 2023, at Rebirth Beirut in Gemmayze, a location nowadays known as the symbol of the Lebanese resilience. This collective exhibition will showcase the works of 14 emerging and promising artists.

We are currently collecting funds and looking for support from individuals who have faith in our mission and vision to move forward with this exhibition. To implement this project an amount of 3,725$ is needed. This amount will be used for the rental of the venue and its services, artworks stretching and handling as well as a proper marketing campaign to effectively promote the exhibition.

We know we have a long road ahead to reach our objective, but we have full trust that with your support we will be able to give emerging artists a chance to shine.

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This exhibition will be curated by Manar Ali Hassan and advised by Mr. Elie Bourjeily.

Participating artists:
Aya Abu Hawash - Dzovig Arnelian – Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury - Joanna Raad - Johnny Semaan - Krikor Avessian - Lodi Sabra - Mayssa khoury - Mary Kaady - Maral Der Boghossian - Moushegh Karavartanian - Noura Bakkar - Tarek Saab - Ziad Jreige

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