From the land of St. George to the Casa del Dragon

In Collaboration with Bloom gallery and De Souza gallery in Spain, Arneli Art Gallery’s artworks have been exposed in such a beautiful and warm space at De Souza Gallery!

The exhibition was from October 13 - 30th.

Introducing the Gallery – De Souza Gallery:

De Souza Gallery was formed as an extension to the artist residence and gallery, Casa del Dragon, and the European art network EL-DRAC which were established in 2007. Their aim is to promote contemporary and modern art of diverse styles with a particular focus on social and environmental themes.

Gallery Address: De Souza Gallery
Casa del Dragon, Calle Parras 19, 12578 Cervera del Maestre, Castellon, Spain

Watch a short video about the exhibition by pressing Here!

Pictures from the exhibition: