“Parallel Realms” - Gallery Magazine

The text featured in this shot is written by Celine Seta Rahme –Gallery Magazine, Issue Number 12.

"Curated by Manar Ali Hassan, the works are expressionist, figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures, rendered in acrylic and oil, collages and clay. Many of the artworks directly critique prevalent societal norms and expectations, especially those related to women, the body and their unique experience. Questioning these conventional limits, there is an element of subversion, notably in the pieces that use a confrontational visual language. Examples include a subject's direct gaze out of the canvas or sculpted bodies that do not conform to gender and beauty standards. These different views present the possibility of an alternative world where the established norms don't exist in the first place."

Featured artists: Dzovig Arnelian, Gaia Maria Noujeim, Johnny Semaan, Abdulrahman Naanseh