Dzovig Arnelian paves the way for young artists

Article by Natasha Metni

March 10, 2021


Arneli Art Gallery… This word echoes for emerging Lebanese but also non-Lebanese artists, like a glimmer of hope. Despite their young age, these artists’ creations can henceforth find local, but also regional and international success… A youthful art that looks for dawning within the art market is, since the launching of Arneli Art Gallery, being meticulously studied, analysed, appreciated and adopted by its Lebanese founder of Armenian origin, Dzovig Arnelian.

The young entrepreneur, who holds a BA in Fine Arts, is currently pursuing her Masters at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at the Lebanese University. It all began when she discovered that the local artistic scene suffers from a deep issue that hinders the momentum of young emerging artists. Since then, Dzovig Arnelian is determined to support and promote the work of art of new graduates and nascent Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists, whether it is painters, photographers or sculptors. 

“I decided to create this digital artistic platform, because I learned something I haven’t been taught at university. Without inspiration, technique and talent, art is valueless. However, these three elements alone cannot help the artist to become known. Today, art is also about marketing and networking, so that one can be able to sell and live from his artistic creations. Unfortunately, Lebanese educational systems do not offer courses where you can learn how to “market” your art and galleries are struggling to introduce young artists to this aspect of the sales process”, says Dzovig Arnelian. Consequently, Arneli Art Gallery was born and the digital artistic platform mainly offers two kinds of services:

- Exhibiting, promoting and selling works of art. Dzovig Arnelian first identifies new talents, appraises the assets and finally sells the works.

- Providing trainings in expertise and art trade. Dzovig Arnelian ensures, with her sense of pedagogy, individual coaching for each artist in order to allow him to transmit his talent to the world and, consequently, acquire the following skills:

  • Writing descriptions of artistic works
  • Defining and implementing a marketing policy
  • Promoting artistic creations