Dzovig Arnelian Creates Digital Platform for Lebanese Artists

Elyssa Bou Younness - Diaspora ID

Twenty-five year old, Lebanese- Armenian Dzovig Arnelian has launched a digital platform that aims to support Lebanese artists get local and international exposure.

Inspired by her days at the university and determined to challenge the stereotype of starving artists, Arnelian decided to create a space for young artists where they can learn how to create value for their art.

At a young age, Arnelian realized that most artists in Lebanon and the world live with the fear of not being able to live off of their art which demotivated her and her fellow Lebanese artists.

Upon her graduation from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts, Arnelian started working at an Art Gallery in Beirut where she learned that there is a way actually for artists to become living artists.

“The Lebanese are well educated when it comes to art, they know, they research, they want to invest and support the art scene,” she tells Diaspora News Agency

Arnelian decided that she wants to pave the way for young and emerging artists such as painters, photographers, and sculptors through a digital platform where she can share her knowledge and help them get exposure.

Through this artistic platform, Arnelian provides support through services such as exhibiting, promoting, and selling works of art as well as provide expert training in portfolio creations, art marketing and art promotion