INTERCONNECTED, an online exhibition between Forme Femine and Arneli Art Gallery

Forme Femine Art and Arneli Art Gallery have formed a collaboration to host a cross-cultural group exhibition between Africa and the Middle East (Lebanon). Titled “interconnected”, the two platforms have converged two different civilizations, rich in history and culture.

“Interconnected” is a virtual exhibition that explores the artistic connections between 18 female artists; 9 from Beirut and 9 from across Africa. As this exhibition traverses through the ties and interconnectedness of human psychological and social experiences relevant to current evolving times, it further breeds an opportunity for female artists from these regions to retain their individual account of events, own their narratives and share visual depictions with a global audience via an online platform.

The exhibition will feature 36 works in a variety of media and perspectives outlined in paintings, photography, mixed media and digital art. Teetering between the known and the unknown, abstraction and figuration, the selected artists examine the interconnected complexities of human experience detailed through distinct artistic styles and approaches.

Exhibition Date: July 27 – August 28, 2022.


Arneli Art Gallery is a digital platform showcasing undiscovered artistic talents of emerging Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists with a major focus on Fresh graduates of Fine Art students. Arneli Art Gallery aims to create opportunities for greatly gifted artists to be explored by art collectors and art institutions from all over the Globe.


Forme Femine Art (FFA) is a catalyst for artists in the African art ecosystem, showcasing artistic expressions with Afro Femininity and female agency as thematic focus. FFA represents talented artists, creating multilayered visual commentaries on the relationship between contemporary art and society in the African context. Shows are designed to offer the finest reflections on the diversity of thought and style; with intent to reflect cultural heritage, and engage dialogue across seas.

Pictures from the virtual exhibition: