Some of our EVENTS and ARTWORKS featured in GALLERY MAGAZINE – Issue 13!

Gallery magazine is a local art magazine that focuses on local developments in visual arts. It aims to bring art into homes and artists to people. It publicizes exhibitions and events so they become accessible to the widest possible audience. Gallery Magazine is a platform for all members of the local art family. It is an advocate of the fine arts, and collaborates with all elements of the art world in Lebanon to help it grow.

Featured Event:

"Transmutations", a solo exhibition for Sarkis Sislian 


Faces melt, deconstruct and morph back into formation in these introspective self-portraits. The brooding paintings, utilizing plenty of black and grey tones that dissolve with other colors, give off a disorienting character akin to the works of Francis Bacon. The hallucinatory faces express identity clashes and existential questioning. Coming in a wide array of sizes, from thumb sized cards to medium scale canvases, they appear to zoom in and out of focus, allowing one to take a close look but also see the bigger picture. These insomniac disintegrations of the Self are no longer mere portrait of the individual in the physical sense. They have mutated to expose the painter's entire psyche.

Featured Artworks:

"Abstracted landscape" by Joanna Raad

“Escape to Nature – Deir l Qamar” by Rana Fawaz

*A huge thanks to Celine Seta Rahme for making this happen.