Linda Tamim talking about Arneli Art Gallery on Virgin Radio!

Linda Tamim

Hi Again, this is the morning show here on Virgin radio Stars!

If you are a fan of Art, you must check out the “Arneli Art Gallery” which is an online platform showcasing the works of Fine Arts fresh graduates from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. So you will find 250 pieces of Art including paintings, mixed media, photography and sculptures.

The one behind “Arneli Art Gallery” is Dzovig Arnelian  who says being an artist and pursuing her Masters degree in Plastic Arts has given her a great insight on the challenges that artists face upon graduating. Having worked in galleries she gathered valuable experience and wants to give back by giving other artists a platform to showcase their work and make a living from it.

It all started when the August 4 explosion happened and Dzovig realizes that life was short and we are never too young to pursue our dreams.

So how does Arneli Gallery help?

They assist artists in preparing their files to expose their artworks adequately through professional artwork photography, writing their CVs, art statements and art portfolios. They even help them create their personal websites. They provide artists with local and international exposure. They also provide funds and positive opportunities for the artists and they provide fresh graduates with the standards needed to enter the international art market and they also help them sell their artwork so they can support themselves and keep creating stuff!