Launching Arneli Art Gallery

Due to the ever-growing emphases of online marketing and digital platforms in promoting not only products but even ideas, the art scene, like all other markets, has shifted in a remarkable way from actual galleries and spaces into numeric and digital forms. In 2020, and because of the pandemic of covid 19, the process of selling and buying art has become immensely virtual.

Throughout that year, a female artist, Dzovig Arnelian, who was pursuing her Master’s degree in Plastic Arts with a great experience in managing and administrating an art gallery, has launched an innovative online platform that promotes the artworks of contemporary Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists.

The aim of Arneli Art gallery is to open a door to extremely gifted artists to be explored by art collectors and art institutions, from all over the Globe, who share with the artists a true admiration for artistic expression. What makes Arneli a pioneer art website is that it does not only help promote thought provoking artworks but, also guides fresh graduates in becoming living artists through various essential services and provides art enthusiasts a better and deeper understanding of art collection and investment.